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Day 5 of Two Week Townsville Adventure

Posted by MotherLinkMum
I am a mother of Little Miss G and pregnant with our second due later this year.
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on Thursday, 23 August 2012
in 2 Week Townsville Adventure

IMG_0978My Townsville Adventure today was not so exciting, in fact it was terrifying and something I hope to never experience again.

Today I packed Baby Sam and Grace into the car and drove to our Thursday morning Kids in Harmony class. Once we arrived, I went and got Sam out of the car, and as I did I dropped my keys in between the two car seats, and Grace picked them up. Before I realised what I had done, I closed Sam's car door. Grace still had the keys in her hand, she pressed the button on the keys and locked the door, while still inside the car....

Typing this I feel sick to my stomach all over again! I can not believe how quickly it happened, and I'm so angry at myself for not thinking quicker. Luckily it was 9am in the morning, and there was a nice big cloud covering the sun. I ran inside to Kids in Harmony and frantically handed Baby Sam to Fred (the lovely Fred who works at Kids in Harmony!) and she called RACQ and handed me the phone. They told me that there were two RACQ vehicles located close by, and that they would drop whatever they were doing and come and get Grace out of the car. As this was happening, many people came to offer their help. The men in the nearby gym, some workmen, and the Dad of some of the other boys who attend the Kids in Harmony class. To them – I am so thankful and appreciative of their immediate response. Unfortunately, modern cars are more difficult to break into, so their attempts to unlock the car with a coat hanger did not work.

To me it seemed like hours before the RACQ came – but in reality it would have been only 5 minutes? While we were waiting, I played little games with Grace through the window, we chatted about our favourite colours, we counted to 10, she was such a brave little chicken and she was in quite good spirits. But the clouds moved away and the sun started to shine bright, and the building crowd around the car and my obvious distress made her realise that something was wrong, and she started to get very upset. I could see the sweat building on her little forehead, and my heart was breaking knowing I could not scoop her into my arms and save her, and I started to contemplate smashing the window and getting into the car myself.

As I was discussing with Fred how we could break our way into the car, Thank God the bright yellow RACQ truck screeched around the corner. Out jumped the RACQ man (I never did find out his name in all the urgency) and straight away he got to action. While he was working away, a second vehicle arrived. He wasn't able to unlock the car, but somehow he got a coat hanger through the door and pulled open the boot lever and the boot popped open. I have no idea how he did it, but somehow he managed to get the windows to roll down, and I reached in and pulled my baby girl into my arms. Fred was waiting with tissues, a cool face washer and a glass of water for my hot and bothered little chicken, and almost immediately my baby started to calm down. I cannot express in words how thankful I am to the two kind RACQ gentleman that rescued my precious little girl. After she was out and safe, I told the RACQ men how I was almost tempted to smash the window myself, and they told me that it in my situation it was better to wait for them to arrive. They said in urgent situations like mine, they always get there as soon as possible, and that breaking the windows can be almost impossible in some cars. They also said that people would be surprised at how hard it is to actually smash a car window, and that they doubted I would have been able to even if I did try.

Thank goodness Gracie seems to be okay after all the mayhem, it only took a minute or two of cuddles and a few drinks of water until she was ready to head inside for her Kids in Harmony Class. Even though we were more than 20 minutes late, as usual she ran through the door in excitement and sat down with everyone else, ready to join in the rest of the activities for the class. On the way home, she was her happy chatty self again, telling me over and over again how she was such a big brave girl, and how she thought the Yellow Man was very nice to save her.

I certainly got the fright of my life today, and I feel sick and horrified at the thought of how much worse the situation could have been. I feel like a terrible Mum, and I know accidents happen, but I still feel like it was my fault. If I wasn't rushing so much, if I would have just taken my time, slowed down and taken more care, then this wouldn't have happened. If it was any later in the day, the Townsville heat would definitely have made our situation much more serious. I sure did learn a hard lesson today.

Now it is time to go and scoop Grace up into my arms for a big bear hug and smother her face with kisses. I'm sure she won't mind, she didn't seen to mind the other 100 times I did it today.

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I am a mother of Little Miss G and pregnant with our second due later this year.

I was an accountant working in the city making my way up the corporate ladder, until I met my army husband, moved to North Queensland and started my family!

I'm now a full time stay at home mum trying to run the MotherLInk website in my spare time :)


Debbie Jeffrey Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ohhhhh, Michelle!!!! Sending you big hugs. Don't beat yourself up. Everything's OK now, and that's all that matters. Hugs to Grace & Sam, too.
- Debbie :D:D:D

Pauline Thursday, 23 August 2012

Michelle, all is good now, accidents happen and the main thing is you got her out in time. Just reading your story I felt I was right there with you, trying to get in. You did good, and Grace is just a little angel.

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