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Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation – Not so transformed.

Posted by MotherLinkMum
I am a mother of Little Miss G and pregnant with our second due later this year.
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on Saturday, 05 May 2012
in 12 Week Body Transformation
Well here we are at 12 weeks after I first started my 12-week challenge. So how did I go? Well my certificate says Congratulations are in order!!! Well, from a weight loss perceptive, I guess I am a winner - I reached my goal weight over the 12 weeks – woohoo! But if you had read my first blog about this, you would know that weight loss was not really my main goal. It was to gain strength and fitness. So from this perspective, I have to say – I FAILED!!! And lets be honest – the reason I lost the weight is because I have an always-thirsty massive baby boy, so breastfeeding is the culprit!

When I signed up and first started the challenge, I was so excited and positive about what would soon be my successful journey to fitness. I could already imagine how each week I would be able to blog about my awesome new eating habits, and report on the new muscle definition and tone I would be achieving. I had taken my BEFORE photo, and was envisioning the photo I would be able to take after 12 weeks, no more baby belly and muscle and tone visible!!

After week one, things were looking promising. Hubby was all over my new eating schedule, we went shopping together and stocked up on lots of yummy and healthy foods. He even cooked a few of the recipes for me, and enjoyed them himself!! I had borrowed some exercise DVD's, and even got out my exercise games for the XBOX in readiness!

But my journey pretty much ended after week one. By week two, my husband had to go away for work, and I was left to deal with my 3 month old baby and difficult toddler on my own. I was barely able to keep my head above water with trying to be a mum, feeding my daughter and baby were my main concern, and I have to admit that feeding myself the wide variety of healthy food options from the meal plans just did not happen.

And exercise? What exercise!! I did manage to get my hands on some Biggest Loser Exercise DVD's, but I could not find the time or the motivation to use them. Going for walks with bub and toddler proved to be impossible – I couldn't manage to get the three of us out of the house before 8am, by which time the sun was just too hot to have bubs outside. Let's face it; if there was an excuse not to exercise, I used it!

But that was okay; I convinced myself that I would start the challenge again as soon as my husband returned from his trip. When my husband returned things did not improve. He was at work all day, and a sleepless baby and toddler who was now in her terrible twos was making me exhausted!! Health and fitness? Who cared about that, all I wanted was sleep!!!

So here we are, 12 weeks later, and I am very disappointed to say that I have failed. I guess I should have realised that as I was struggling just being a Mum before I started the challenge, that adding in an extensive program like the 12 WBT was just not practical for me at this time in my life. Yes, I have read all the stories about other Mums who have had great success with their own challenge, some in the same situation or with even more children than I do! To them all I can say is well done!! I only wish I had the organisation and drive like they do, I'm in absolute awe ?

But I haven't given up entirely, I still do want to get fit and healthy. I'm currently looking into buying a running pram that will fit both of my children, and as the days are getting cooler I won't have the excuse of it being too hot to get outside! So let's just see how I'm going in a few months, I've now got all the recipes and exercise plans at my disposal, so who knows, you may just see another blog from me later in the year, but this time with an AFTER photo I'd be proud to show you.



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I am a mother of Little Miss G and pregnant with our second due later this year.

I was an accountant working in the city making my way up the corporate ladder, until I met my army husband, moved to North Queensland and started my family!

I'm now a full time stay at home mum trying to run the MotherLInk website in my spare time :)


xo melissah Saturday, 05 May 2012

You're doing amazing!!! Bet your before pic was beautiful too!!

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Gem Monday, 09 July 2012

Hi, I have just come across your blog. How are you going now with a toddler and one on the way?
I was not surprised to read of your great intentions only to find it was fraught with difficulties. In no way have you failed.
I would like to comment on your desire to tone rather than loose weight
( which I might say is not necessarily ONLY body fat), there is much better ways and more effective to become lean with great tone than the 12 week challenge.Gem

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I am a mother of Little Miss G and pregnant with our second due later this year.
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MotherLinkMum Monday, 30 July 2012

Hey Gem and Melissah thanks for your comments - I apologise I only just came across it today!

Gem - yes perhaps if I did better research I would have found better ways to achieve the goals I was wanting. I think I'm finally in a good place now that my son is 9 months old so I am going to start looking at other ways to get in shape that work for me and my family. :D

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